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Saturday, July 26, 2014
Recyclable Materials
Recyclable Materials
Paper & Cardboard
Newspapers, flyers, magazines, catalogues, telephone directories, paperback books, writing paper (even with staples), envelopes (even with windows), frozen food, laundry detergent, shoe, cereal & cookie boxes (remove the inner liner), cardboard boxes (flattened, cut into 2' x 2' pieces and tied up), egg cartons, cardboard tubes and rolls, file folders, paper bags.

Bottles and jars of all shapes and colours (no need to remove the labels).

Metal cans, aluminium foil roasting and baking pans, take-out food containers and pie plates. 


Hard -
Bottles, jars, tubs and lids from food and liquids, including shampoo, laundry detergent, yogourt, margarine, shortening, household cleaning products and similar containers.
Soft - Grocery and other shopping bag, dry cleaning bags, bread and pastry bags, clean food storage bags, plastic wrappers (from milk, paper towels, etc.). Put all your soft plastic into a bag and tie the handles. 

Milk and juice cartons, frozen juice cans, including those made of several materials.

While most materials can be recycled, there are some important exceptions. If you include non-recyclable items in your blue box, you risk contaminating the contents of the whole truck. Unsure if your item is recyclable in Westmount’s blue box programme? Please call Public Works. Our staff will be glad to help you. 

Here are some items that cannot be recycled and should NEVER be put into your blue box.
NOT Recyclable
Paper & Cardboard
Plasticized or waxed paper, stickers, wallpaper, photo paper, carbon paper, foil gift wrap, padded envelopes, composite products (binders, etc.), facial tissues, paper towels, disposable diapers, air filters. Any carton contaminated with food; pizza boxes, donut boxes, fried chicken buckets, take-out food boxes, take-out coffee cups.

Porcelain, ceramics, mirrors, plate glass (window panes), crystal, Pyrex dishes, dishes, pottery, incandescent and fluorescent lights bulbs and tube lights, make-up jars, vials.

Paint, solvent or pesticide containers, spray cans, etc., metal hardware, pipes, nails, screws, pots and pans, muffin tins, electronics, large and small household appliances, toys, tools and other products made from mixed materials, soiled aluminum foil, clothes hangers, metal curtain rods, needles or sharps.


- All no.6 plastics (polystyrene), Tupperware containers, Styrofoam (packaging & containers), Styrofoam egg cartons, disposable cups, plates, plastic utensils, drinking straws, pails, plastic toys, tools and other products made from mixed materials, flower pots, caulking tubes, toothpaste tubes, laundry baskets, dish racks, motor oil containers, pool covers, awnings, rubber items (mats, gloves, garden hoses, boots)
Soft - Latex gloves, soiled plastic film, coloured and soft plastic racks used inside cookie boxes, potato chip bags, waxed cereal or cracker bags, clear plastic containers used to package donuts, cookies, croissants, strawberries, etc.

Table Scraps and Organic Materials
Wooden clementine and orange crates.


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