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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sustainable Westmount
Vision Statement
A vision statement expresses, in broad terms, a view of the desired future. The vision statement must be a compelling image to provide direction and support of goals and actions. Most communities that have decided to make sustainable development a priority have developed a vision statement. Sustainable development projects generally start with some sort of public process to develop a vision. 

A vision statement acts as a guide for the development of actions and policies. It is designed to inspire people and portray an end-state of a sustainable community. It is a statement of how the community should be at some future date. 

The Sustainable Westmount Vision Statement portrays a city that meets the needs of current generations without compromising future generations and other species.
Residents like you provided thoughtful new ideas to the visioning process. 

Sustainable Westmount Vision Statement
Adopted on February 2, 2009

Westmount strives for sustainable development, which relates to the fabric of our community, the natural environment, the economy, public health and our heritage.
Community vision: We build a sense of responsibility and engagement – toward each other, other communities, and the peoples of the rest of the world..
Environmental vision: We are stewards of the natural environment – locally, regionally and globally. We acknowledge the need to work creatively to balance human needs with those of the Earth’s ecosystems.
Economic vision: We are part of an environmentally and socially conscious economy based on the prudent and socially responsible use of natural and human resources.
Public health vision: We provide mutual respect, and support human health and dignity in all of its aspects: physical, mental and social.
Heritage vision: We appreciate a strong sense of place and history, and work to preserve our distinctive landscape and built environment so they can endure over time.
To realize this vision, our elected officials and city employees collaborate with all the people who live, work, and learn in Westmount in order to meet our present needs without compromising the future.

In Westmount, implementing the Sustainable Development Vision Statement will be based on a number of values.

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